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State Review Board

The Guam Historic Preservation Review Board is comprised of ten members (five principals and five alternates) in the discipline of History, Archaeology, Architecture, traditional Chamorro Society and Culture, and Community Planning (Title 21 GCA Sec. 76507, and GHPRB By-Laws). The members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Guam Legislature. The members are:

The members are:

  • Michael B. Makio, AIA, Chairman, Principal-Architecture
  • VACANT, Alternate-Architecture
  • Rebecca Duenas, Vice-Chair, Principal- Culture
  • VACANT, Alternate-Culture
  • Pa'le Eric Forbes, Principal-History
  • James Viernes, Alternate-History
  • Cacilie Craft, Principal-Archaeology
  • VACANT, Alternate Archaeology
  • David Lotz, Principal-Planning

Message from the Chairman:

As Guam continues into the 21st century, and as local traditions evolve and adapt to globalization and the era of technology, Preservation of Historic Resources becomes crucial to developing a well balanced society that is in touch with it's building and cultural traditions. Preserving our heritage helps developing generations attain a healthy self-image and identity that defines and distinguishes them from the rest of the world. Celebrating that identity, what makes us different and special, guides the decisions that we make as a community about our future and adds richness to our participation in the global community.

Message from the Vice-Chair:

Cultural resources are the visible signs of a culture and for Guam, it is the Chamorro Culture. People's identities are enhanced by the ways that government, community, church and others celebrate culture (s). People with a strong self-identity are more likely to embrace diversity. Preserving cultural resources has a long-term impact on increased understanding and tolerance of others. Adahi i kosas Chamorro.