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The Adacao Quarry Site was listed on the Guam Register of Historic Places September 24, 2010.
On September 24, 2010, the Guam Historic Preservation Review Board approved the submission of the Thematic Nomination of 4 Guam Outdoor Ovens: the Quan Hotno, Won Pat Hotno, Paulino Hotno, and the Baza Hotno, to the Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places.

Project List

Project Number
Project Title
  GU-03-01 Consultant-Qualified Archaeologist   06/30/04
  GU-03-02 Trifold Leaflets Second Reprinting of Public Education/Awareness Literature on Preservation of Historic Sites (Almacen Arches)   05/04/04
  GU-03-03 Fourth Reprinting of "Historic Sites of Guam" Brochures   04/21/04
  GU-03-04 Public Education and Awareness: A Video Production of Ylig Archaeological Site Burial "Memorias"   12/09/04
  GU-03-05 Public Education and Awareness: Video Production of "MEHP Pacific Preservation Night 2004"   12/09/04
  GU-03-06 Second Reprinting of Publication: "Latte Stone Quarries of the Mariana Islands"   12/29/04
  GU-03-07 Public Education Awareness: Celebrating Our Parks, Our Heritage, and Our Health: July is Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Month"; PDN Central Northern Southern Weekly   07/29/04
  GU-03-08 Public Education and Awareness: Pacific Daily News Supplement in Celebration of "July is Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Month"; Colorful 8 x 11 insert.   07/29/04
  GU-03-11 Printing of "Historic Hagåtña District" Brochure   03/31/05
  GU-03-12 Survey of (Immediate) Post World War II Resettlement Villages   03/27/06
  GU-03-13 Survey of Historic Properties: Toto Latte   03/08/06
  GU-03-14 Re-survey of Gadao's Cave, A National Register Site (GHPI No. 66-05-0142)   09/30/06
  GU-03-15 Survey of Sinajana World War II Japanese Cave Fortification (GHPI No. 66-01-1805)   09/30/06
  GU-03-16 Re-survey of Agana Historic District A National Register Site: GHPI No. 66-05-1145   05/01/06
  GU-03-18 Section 106 Workshop by Dr. Tom King   11/10/04
  GU-03-19 Section 106: Seminar Rental Space   11/10/04
  GU-03-20 Development of a Submerged and Martime Archaeology (indigenous watercraft, latte sites, shipwrechs and aircraft) Database   09/30/07
  GU-03-21 Reconnaissance and Intensive Survey of Submerged/Seafaring Archaeological Site   09/30/07
  GU-03-22 Video Production of Umatac Historic Sites (Historic Context: Spanish Colonial Period 1700 - 1898)   10/30/07
  GU-04-01 Consultant-Qualified Archaeologist   9/30/2005
  GU-04-02 Production of Six Posters for Public Awareness Program   6/30/2004
  GU-04-03 Webpage Development for Historic Preservation   3/30/2007
  GU-04-04 Guam Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan   8/30/2007
  GU-04-05 Aga-Tongan Archaeological Site 15D-4-4-2, Inarajan   2/28/2007
  GU-04-06 Production of One Brochure (Trifold) for Public Awareness Program   12/30/2006
  GU-04-07 Production of One (1) Calendar for Public Awareness Program   12/31/2006
  GU-04-08 Production of 40-Page Booklet for Public Awareness Program (Historic Preservation Review)   7/28/2006
  GU-05-01 Consultant-Qualified Archaeologist   9/30/2006
  GU-05-02 Publication of "The Archaeology of the Governor's Plaza de Espana, Agana, Guam   9/30/2007
  GU-05-03 Guam Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan 2007-2011   10/30/2007
  GU-05-04 Maritime Archaeology Training Parts and II (Nautical Archaeological Society Teaching Pack)   8/18/2006
  GU-05-05 Guam Historic Preservation Office Geographical Information System, Phase One: Comprehensive Needs Assessment   9/25/2006
  GU-05-06 Historic Context and Oral History Overview of Guam and Micronesia   11/15/2007
  GU-05-07 Video Production of Hagtna Historic District - A Public Education and Awareness Presentation Project   12/31/2006
  GU-05-08 Printing of Poster No.1 for National Historic Preservation Month 2006 (Spanish Palace Ceramics 18x24)   9/30/2006
  GU-05-09 Printing of Trifold Brochure, Program Area: State and National Registers   12/30/2006
  GU-05-10 Printing of 40-Page Booklet Program Area: Federal and State Review and Compliance Program   9/30/2006
  GU-05-11 Lujan House-Flame Tree Pruning (Protection Measure)   9/30/2006
  GU-05-12 Reflections of History: The Guam Congress Building, and the "and the 1949 Walkout" of the House of Assembly   4/30/2008
  GU-05-13 DVD Production of Merizo (Malesso) Historic Sites (Historic Contexts: Spanish Colonial Period, First American Colonial Period, and Japenese Military Occupation)   3/23/2010
  66-06-01 Consultant - Qualified Archaeologist   9/28/2007
  66-06-02 Customized Section 106 Training   11/9/2006
  66-06-03 Customized Section 106 Training Rental Space   11/9/2006
  66-06-04 Phase II: GIS Analysis, Conceptual Systems Design and Customized GIS Training   9/28/2007
  66-06-05 Two-Phase Academic and Technical Skills Training Course on Historic Preservation   3/23/2010
  66-06-06 Classroom Rental at GCC for Two Phase Academic and Technical Skills Training Course   6/29/2007
  66-06-07 Printing of 2007 Guam Historic Preservation Calendar   2/1/2007
  66-06-08 Printing of Poster No. 2 (2nd 18x24)   9/28/2007
  66-06-09 Printing of Poster No. 3 (1st 11x17)   9/28/2007
  66-06-10 Printing of Poster No. 4 (2nd 11x17)   9/28/2007
  66-06-11 Printing of Poster No.5 (19x221/2)   3/23/2010
  66-06-12 DVD Production of Merizo (Malesso) Historic Sites (Historic Contexts: Spanish Colonial Period, First American Colonial Period, and Japanese Military Occupation)   9/28/2007
  66-06-13 Archaeological Survey of Alupang Island   9/30/2007
  66-06-14 Archaeological Survey of "The Canada Wells of 1937"   9/30/2007
  66-07-01 Consultation-Qualified Archaeologist   9.30.08
  66-07-02 Guam Massacre Sites: Historic Context: World War II/Japanese Military Occupation 1941 - 1944   9/30/10
  66-07-03 Reprinting of Trifold Brochure   6/30/08
  66-07-04 Historic Site Signage Program   7/1/10
  66-07-05 Phase III:GIS Analysis, Conceptual System Design and Customized GIS Training   6/29/08
  66-07-06 Historic Heritage in Micronesia International Conference   11.15.07
  66-07-10 Hotnun Chamoru: Spanish Ovens   8.31.08
  66-07-11 Archaeological and Historical Documentation of Finile River Dam   9.30.08
  66-07-12 Archaeological Test of Alupang Island, Island of Guam   9.30.08
  66-08-001 Adacao Quarry Site Surve   10/30/09
  66-08-003 Maritime Archaeology Training   7/17/09
  66-08-006 Basic/Advanced Section 106 Training   12/2/09
  66-08-008 Rental Space for Section 106 Training   12/2/09
  66-08-009 Consultation-Qualified Archaeologist   5/4/09
  66-08-010 Summer Camp   7/16/09
  66-08-011 Consultation-Qualified Archaeologist   9/30/09
  66-09-001 Consultation-Qualified Archaeologist   9/30/10
  66-09-004 Malesso Japanese Rice Mill Survey and Nomination   9/30/10
  66-09-005 Guam Heritage Walking Trail Map   9/30/10
  66-09-006 Update of Guam Preservation Office Webpage   9/30/10
  66-09-007 5th Reprinting of "Historic Sites of Guam" Brochure   5/31/10
  66-09-008 2nd Reprinting of Pre-Latte & Latte Poster   5/11/10
    Cultural Resource Management Consultant      
    Survey of El Camino Real - Survey the old Spanish Road extending from Umatac to Agat.      
    Redesign, update and maintain Guam SHPO website      
    Consultant - Qualified Archaeologist I - Archaeological consultant services.      
    Consultant - Qualified Archaeologist II- Archaeological consultant services.      
    Section 106 Training - To conduct training on NHPA Section 106.      
    2nd Printing of Prehistoric Archaeology of Tumon Bay Brochure.      
    Space Rental - Section 106 Training      
    Single Agency Audit      
    Consultant - Qualified Archaeologist I      
    Consultant - Qualified Archaeologist II      
    Update and maintain Guam State Historic Preservation Office website      
    Reprinting of "Historic Sites of Guam" Brochure      
    Reprinting of "Guam Heritage Walking Trail Map"      
    Reprinting of "Fanohge Chamorro" Poster      
    Survey of historic properties      
    Re-survey sites      
    Contract to teach high school and college students Architectural and Engineering Documentation HABS/HAER Standards      
    Digitize site files and resources      
    Provide presentations on historic preservation and regulatory requirements      
  66-14-003 Survey, Tarzan Falls Surrounding Area (DPR In-house)      
  66-14-004 National Register Nomination, Pre-WWII U.S. Naval Cemetery (DPR In-house)      
  66-14-005 Guam SHPO Website Management      
  66-14-006 SHPO Server Development and Management, Phase II      
  66-14-007 Guam Historic Preservation Plan Update (RFP to be advertised 2014)      
  66-14-008 Consultant Osteologist      

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